Đề thi thử vào lớp 10 THPT lần 2 môn Tiếng Anh 9 - Năm 2016 - Mã đề thi 246

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Đề thi thử vào lớp 10 THPT lần 2 môn Tiếng Anh 9 - Năm 2016 - Mã đề thi 246
Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút
Đề thi này gồm 3 trang
Mã đề thi 246
Chú ý: Thí sinh làm bài ra tờ giấy thi
PART 1. Choose the word A, B, C or D whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others 
Câu 1: A. missing	B. massage	C. scissors	D. impress
Câu 2: A. thousand	B. foul	C. southern	D. proudly
Câu 3: A. celebrate	B. necessity	C. receive	D. special
PART 2. Choose the word A, B, C or D which is stressed differently from the others 
Câu 4: A. traditional	B. musician	C. composer	D. atmosphere
Câu 5: A. dangerous	B. opposite	C. umbrella	D. interested
PART 3. Choose the option A, B, C or D which best completes each of the sentences 
Câu 6: She is ________ forgetting her homework. So the teacher is very angry.
A. sometimes	B. always	C. often	D. seldom
Câu 7: Her son really loves collecting stamps, _________?
A. isn’t he	B. doesn’t her	C. doesn’t she	D. doesn’t he
Câu 8: She drove so ________that she had an accident.
A. carelessly	B. carefully	C. careful	D. careless
Câu 9: The train arrived at Da Nang ________ at 5 am.
A. station	B. harbor	C. port	D. airport
Câu 10: The textbook ________to my teacher has just been stolen.
A. belongs	B. belonged	C. belong	D. belonging
Câu 11: It is necessary that an employee ________his work on time.
A. finishes	B. finish	C. finished	D. finishing
Câu 12: She never let you cook the meals, ________?
A. didn't she	B. doesn't she	C. did she	D. does she
Câu 13: Lan ________ the train if she ___________ in a hurry.
A. misses/ is not	B. will miss/ does not	C. will miss/ is not	D. misses/ is
Câu 14: ________her sickness, she didn’t take part in the competition .
A. Because of	B. However	C. Despite	D. In spite of
Câu 15: Tuan and Minh________ university since last year.
A. leave	B. have left	C. left	D. has left
Câu 16: She didn’t know ________ to choose, the red hat or the blue one.
A. that	B. which	C. what	D. how
Câu 17: ~ Harry: “Thank you for your help, Judy.” 	~ Judy: “ ________”
A. It’s my pleasure	B. Never mention me	C. With all my heart	D. No problem
Câu 18: I really wish ________but I didn’t.
A. I invited her to the party	B. I has invited her to the party
C. I had invited her to the party	D. had I invited her to the party
Câu 19: I didn’t see the end of the film because I ________ asleep.
A. felt	B. fell	C. felled	D. fall
Câu 20: I suggest that you should use________ bulbs to save electricity.
A. energy-save	B. energy-saving	C. saving-energy	D. save-energy
Câu 21: I won’t pay you today________ you finish the work.
A. except	B. don’t	C. unless	D. without
Câu 22: The meal Mary cooked tastes ________.
A. good	B. worse	C. well	D. nice
Câu 23: He's really shy ________girl.
A. by	B. at	C. with	D. for
Câu 24: The temperature has ________by five degrees.
A. rose	B. raised	C. arose	D. risen
Câu 25: When he lived in the city, he ________to the theater twice a week.
A. was going	B. uses to go	C. used to go	D. has gone
PART 4. Read the following passage then choose the option A, B, C or D to fill in each of the blanks from 26 to 35
It is a custom for all (26) _________of a Chinese family to be present at home (27) _________ the Eve Chinese New Year for the reunion dinner. This custom is (28) _________to symbolize the unity of the family for the (29) _________new year. After the (30) _________dinner, the younger members of the family (31) _________serve tea to their elders as a show of respect. For all the first five days of (32) _________Chinese New Year, no one in the family is allowed to (33) _________the floor. The Chinese believe that the act of sweeping will drive (34) _________all the good luck (35) _________the New Year could bring.
Câu 26: 	A. friends	B. people	C. characters	D. members
Câu 27: 	A. on	B. in	C. from	D. at
Câu 28: 	A. mean	B. to mean	C. meant	D. meaning
Câu 29: 	A. coming	B. to come	C. come	D. comes
Câu 30: 	A. friendly	B. happy	C. last	D. reunion
Câu 31: 	A. have	B. should	C. ought	D. must
Câu 32: 	A. its	B. the	C. a	D. an
Câu 33: 	A. tidy	B. sweep	C. clear	D. clean
Câu 34: 	A. away	B. out	C. at	D. across
Câu 35: 	A. which	B. who	C. where	D. what
PART 5. Read the following passage then choose the option A, B, C or D to answer the questions from 36 to 40
Dinosaurs were reptiles that lived during a period of earth's history called the Mesozoic Era, which is also known as the Age of Reptiles. The first dinosaurs appeared more than 200 million years ago. For many millions of years, they dominated the land with their huge size and strength. Then about 65 million years ago, they died out rather suddenly, never to re-emerge.
The word “dinosaur” comes from two Greek words meaning “terrible lizard”. Dinosaurs were not lizards, but their appearance could be truly terrifying. The biggest ones weighed more than ten times as much as a mature elephant and nearly equaled the size of most modern-day whales. The famous kinds of dinosaurs, including the brontosaur, and tyrannosaurus rex, reached 80 to 90 feet in length. Not all dinosaurs were giants, however; some were actually no larger than a chicken.
Scientists still do not know what caused dinosaurs to disappear. One theory involves a change in the earth's climate. It is believed that temperatures dropped significantly towards the end of the Cretaceous Period. Too large to hibernate and not having fur or feathers for protection, it is possible that the climate became too chilly for dinosaurs. In contrast, other species having protection, such as the mammals and birds, were able to survive.
Câu 36: What is the best title for this passage?
A. Earth's Largest Reptiles	B. The History of Earth
C. The Metabolism of Dinosaurs	D. The Domination of the Land
Câu 37: It can be inferred from the passage that the Age of Reptiles lasted about ________.
A. 200 million years	B. 135 million years	C. 80 million years	D. 65 million years
Câu 38: In line 4, the author uses the phrase "never to re-emerge" to indicate that the dinosaurs ________.
A. lost their way	B. became extinct	C. went into hiding	D. never died out
Câu 39: According to the passage, what is true about the size of dinosaurs?
A. It guaranteed their survival.
B. It was rather uniform.
C. It made them the largest creatures ever on earth.
D. It varied quite greatly.
Câu 40: The paragraph following the passage most likely discusses ________.
A. the ability of mammals to survive
B. the protection of other species
C. other changes in the climate
D. another theory about the disappearance of dinosaurs
PART 6. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one.
Câu 41: Do you know the man who sat next to me at Nam’s birthday party last night?
à You know 	
Câu 42: Nam is excited about going to Da Nang on holiday.
à Nam is looking	
Câu 43: I don't have much free time, so I can't visit you more often. 
à If I	
Câu 44: We were late for school because of the heavy rain.
 	à Because it	
Câu 45: I haven’t played soccer since 2010.
 	à The last	
PART 7. Write a paragraph of 120-150 words about your weekend picnic to the countryside last Sunday.
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