Bài ôn tập số 1 môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 9 - Unit 5 (Có đáp án)

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Bài ôn tập số 1 môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 9 - Unit 5 (Có đáp án)
A. Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.
1.A. invent	B. internet	C. respond	D. access
2.A. increase	B. weather	C. means	D. leaking
B. Choose a word in each line that has different stress pattern.
1.A. benefit	B. government	C. teenager	D. commercial
2.A. website	B. forecast	C. consuming	D. wonderful
Read the passage carefully, then answer the questions (2pts)
One day John’s father bought a computer for him. He thought it was a good replacement for John’s typewriter, which had been broken down. John could use the computer to write essays. He didn’t expect that John would spend all his time playing computer games on it, which was what he did. John was obsessed with it. John neglected his studies and he actually failed his tests. When that happened, John realized that he had made a terrible mistake. Now, he uses the computer mainly for typing his essays. He plays computer games only in his free time. Recently, he topped his classmates in the mid-year examination.
1. What did John’s father buy for him to replace his typewriter?
A. a computer	B.radio	C.television	D.cassette recorder
 2. What does John spend most of his time to do when having a computer?
A.writing essays	B. playing games.	
C.listening to music	D.learning a foreign language
 3. What does the word “it” in line 3 refer to?
	A.typewriter	B.essay	C.computer game	D. computer
 4. At present what does John mainly use the computer for ? 
	A.playing games	B.reading stories	C. studying. 	D.chatting 	
 5.Which of the following sentences is not true?
 A.John used to have a typewriter.
	B.After having the computer John studied very well.
	C.John realized his mistake.
	D.Nowadays John only plays computer games in his free time.
Choose A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences
1.You haven’t used a computer before,.?
A. do you	B.did you	C.are you	D.have you
2.Do you mind  me a newspaper on the way home?
A.buy	B.buying	C.to buy	D.bought
3.I don’t like..computer games.\
A.playing	B.to play	C.played	D.plays
4.She loves..to music.
A.listen	B.to listen	C.listened	D.listening
5.Let’s dance together,.?The party is so wonderful.
A.shan’t we	B.will you	C.shall we	D.won’t you
6.I spend most of the time ..because I just don’t know which website is useful for me.
A.wander	B.wandering	C.to wander	D.wandered
7. I don’t spend much time  the Internet. I’m too busy with my homework.
	A. going	B. surfing	C. swimming	D. making	
8. Sandra thinks it is very convenient to communicate by e-mail, ?
	A. is she	B. isn’t she	C. does she	D. doesn’t she
9. We must have a password to get  to the computer system.
	A. access	B. documentary 	C. opinion	D. information
10. Knowing English is very  when you learn to use the computer.
	A. use	B. using	C. used	D. useful
11As we walked past, we saw Tom 
 	A. in washing	B. to wash	C. washed	D. washing
12I haven’t seen that coat before. How  have you had it?
	A. already	B. for	C. long	D. since
13The internet is very useful and convenient, but there are some  of it.
 	A. comforts	B. disadvantages 	C. purposes	D. advantages
14. I enjoyed  with my family at the coastal resort last summer.
	A. being	B. to be	C. be	D. was
15. Are there any  TV channels in our country?
	A. commerce	B. commercing	C. commercial	D. commercially 
16. We are not allowed to give you any information  our client’s medical records.
	A. about	B. of	C. to	D. with
17 he thinks chatting on the internet is 
	A. time-consumed	B. times-consumed	
	C. time-consuming	D. times-consuming
18. He laughs  her funny face.
	A. because of	B. since	C. as	d. for
19. on’t tell me I didn’t lock the door last night. I remember  it.
	A. to lock	B. lock	C. locked	D. locking
20. Don’t be so slow  you want to be on time for the class.
	A. because of	B. so 	C. if	D. unless
21. Tuấn likes news,.?
A.does he Bdoesn’t he C.he does D.he doesn’t
22.Would you likewith us while you’re in town?
A came B comes C.to come D coming
23.Tâm didn’t go to school yesterday,..?
A did he B didn’t he C.does he doesn’t he
A.Choose the underlined word or phrase (A ,B ,C or D) that needs correcting(1mark)
1.Lan enjoys watching television after dinner,does she? 
 A B C D
2 .I dislike watch sports 
 A B C D
3.They likes foreign films, don’t they? 
 A B C D
4.I’m excited on that film we saw yesterday very much 
 A B C D
B.Choose the sentences so that they are closest in meaning to the sentences printed before them(1mark)
1.She likes listening to music.She likes reading detective stories
 A. She likes listening to music and likes reading detective stories
 B.She likes listening to music and reading detective stories
C.She likes listening to music and detective stories
D.She likes listening to music and to reading detective stories
 2. The chidren like to watch the performing lions.
 A.The children enjoy watch the performing lions
 B.The children enjoy towatch the performing lions
 C.The children enjoy watched the performing lions
 D.The children enjoy watching the performing lions
 3.Are you interested in joining our class?
A.Would you like in joining our class?
B.Would you like joining our class?
C.Would you like to join our class?
D.Would you like to joining our class?
 4.He spent 20 minutes playing soccer last Sunday .
A.It took him 20 minutes to play soccer last Sunday
 B.It took him 20 minutes to playing soccer last Sunday 
 C.It took him 20 minutes played soccer last Sunday
 D..It took him 20 minutes play soccer last Sunday 

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