Giáo án Tiếng Anh 5 - Family & Friends - Unit 4 – Lesson 8 - Period 116

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Giáo án Tiếng Anh 5 - Family & Friends - Unit 4 – Lesson 8 - Period 116
SEMESTER 2 – Unit 4 – Lesson 8 - Period 116
Lesson 4 – Phonics Objectives: - Magic e with a, i, u
Topic – Language target
Resources and Teaching Aids
Key Activities 
Speaking -writing 
Magic e with a, i, u
cub, cube, tap, tape, pip, pipe
sink, orange
Teaching Aids:
- Phonics cards 27 - 32
- CD track 84
- Extra practical classroom activities – Sounds Fun Dictation
aWarm up: Ask the children to work in pairs – A and B. Give each child an A or B extra practical classroom activity worksheet. The children take it in turns to dictate the key vocabulary words to each other and fill in their worksheet. 
aShow the phonics cards 27 - 32, but cover the words so the children only see the picture. Elicit the words.
aPut the flashcard of the tap on the board and write tap + e = the flashcard of the tape and elicit the word tape. Ask the children to open their workbooks on p 57 and do exercise 1.
aAsk the children to look at the picture in exercise 2 and tell you what they see. 
aAsk the children what they can remember of the chant from the last lesson. Show the flashcards in order to help them.
aThe children do exercise 2. Compare in pairs and help each other. 
aRecording 84: Play the track for the children to check their answers and then again for them to chant with the recording.
aWriting: Put the following words on the board: tap, tape, pip, pipe, cub, cube
Ask the children to help you make a rhyme with at least 2 of the words e.g. The cub sits on the cube. Ask the children to work with a partner and write a rhyme like the one on the board using as many words as possible from the list. The children draw pictures to illustrate their rhyme.

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